About the Practice

the practice

Special Education Solutions focuses on the rights of students with a broad range of disabilities, from those with learning and attention issues to those with multiple or severe impairments. While some students require early intervention services for problems apparent from birth, others may not show signs of difficulties until confronted with the challenges of school. Ms. Bertin advises and represents families on all issues pertaining to the educational experiences of their children, including nonacademic issues such as suspension, expulsion, bullying or discrimination at school.

When families understand their rights, and when schools and families work cooperatively, students are more likely to receive the services and accommodations that meet their needs. Of course, there are times in the process of developing and implementing educational programs when families and schools disagree. Ms. Bertin believes in resolving disagreements as early and informally as possible in order to avoid actions that may create missed educational opportunities for the child, unnecessary expense for the family, and tension between the family and the school. Ms. Bertin assists families who are considering formal legal action to assess the merits of their case, and she guides them through the legal process. Her goal is to achieve the best possible services for the child while helping parents become effective advocates.

Here are some of the areas where Ms. Bertin can help:
  • Reviewing records and providing summaries with recommendations
  • Writing formal requests for evaluations and team meetings
  • Assisting parents in formulating short and long term goals
  • Researching placement and service options
  • Drafting proposed content for Individualized Education Programs (IEPs)
  • Representing parents at IEP and other school meetings
  • Monitoring school compliance with legal procedures and timelines
  • Referring families to outside professionals for independent evaluations and services
  • Representing families in proceedings to contest suspensions or expulsions
  • Facilitating informal dispute resolution measures between families and schools
  • Drafting compliance, due process and civil rights complaints
  • Representing parents at mediation and due process hearings